BBC History Magazine on Aethelflaed

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From Worcester Cathedral – note the alternative spelling of Aethelflaed

Things you may not know about Æthelflæd

She was likely to have been well educated.More

On the way to her wedding, she was attacked by the Danes. More
King Edward’s son, later King Athelstan, was brought up in Æthelflæd’s court. More
She was a very powerful presence. More
She was a caring and popular ruler. More
She won the trust and respect of the Vikings as well as the Saxons. More
She was an important tactician and negotiator. More
Nobody knows how Æthelflæd died. More
She was determined that Mercia should stay united with Wessex, as an important step to a united England. More
Queen Eadgyth, Æthelflæd’s neice and sister to Athelstan, is the oldest member of the English royal family whose remains have been definitely identified. More